Girls on Ice: 08/01 – Day 01

I’m back from my super-fun 11 day trip in Washington. There I had the time of my life.

I was with a program called Girls on Ice and I had the privilege of being with 8 other girls and exploring Mt. Baker to learn about science, art, etc.

I wrote in a journal while I was there and have decided to post excerpts in parts. Here is an entry from August 1st:

“It’s still hard to grasp exactly what’s going on. As I’m sitting here at base camp, I think about how much I love this place, but once we travel outward I begin to hate it. To find the most beautiful spots, you have to put yourself through so much pain and stress. I’m so far out of my comfort zone and I haven’t taken a shower in forever. At times I miss my comfortable bathroom. I will admit, I’m getting more use to the idea of zero privacy. For 6 days I have to eat out of the same bowl and drink all the dish water.”