Dangers of freedom?

America is known as the land of freedom where people are given the opportunity to have freedom of speech, religion, etc. Never have I thought that something seen as such an unquestionable right that people should have, could be such a problem.

As many of you know, the Innocence of Muslims video has been circulating around and causing numerous protests.

One discussion that we’ve been having in my government class, is why hasn’t Youtube removed this video and should they remove it? Although Youtube allows users to flag inappropriate videos, this video is still up online almost a week later.

I cannot help but wonder, can we exercise our freedoms too much? Are there any limits? To many, this video is a prime example of the freedoms that we have and should not be taken down due to the fact that he has the ability and freedom to say and post what he likes without getting into legal troubles.

Although legal precautions seem to be taken, they are mostly due to the fact that the director used fraud to get actors and violated his probation.

I still feel like something should be done with this video. It has caused so many problems already, but then again there are numerous stupid things on the internet.

What do you guys think? Should this video be taken down?


Remembering 9/11

As I sit here today at my desk, I begin to think about the turn of events that occurred on September 11,2001. While only in elementary school, I remember feeling pain, although I could not fully understand the situation. It was not until I got older that I was able to realize the full extent of what happened.

As a child, terrorism meant nothing to me. . .now this word seems to get thrown around constantly.

Because of the sensitivity of this event, quite naturally Americans have taken to making this day, a day of remembrance. While many people grieve over the lost of their loved ones, I seem to be at a lost. Sadly, today no words were spoken and no silence was held for this event at my schoo and I am beginning to wonder if we have become too numb to the point where we are forgetting monumental events.

It seems as though many people continue to go back into the flow of their natural lives with no attention being paid to something that happened eleven years ago. I could be looking at this the wrong way and instead it could show that Americans have resilience, but even with this resilience have we become fearless? Have we become closer as a community? Speeches made by many today, including President Obama, speak of the positivity in this event and how it has made our nation more unified than ever. But I cannot help but wonder, what exactly is unifying us?

Is this unification coming from peace or fear? Have we become understanding or just xenophobic?

To add to this anniversary, Mohamed al Zawahiri, brother of al Qaeda leader Ayman al Zawahiri, offered a proposal. Mohamed, recently released from jail, has come to be a mediator between Islamists and the West. Receiving his credibility from islamists and the trust of the government, he has developed a peace proposal in hopes of creating better relations between Islamists and the West.

The proposal, among many, asks for US to stop intervening in muslim land, muslim education, to end war on Islam, and to release Islamist prisoners.

The proposals also asks for Islamists to stop attacks on west, protect western interests in muslim lands, and to not provoke west territories.

Due to the history of events and our relationship with Islamists, I think it will be interesting to see how the US moves forward in regard to this proposal and our response. In terms of abiding by rules to any proposal, it is always tough to know the legitimacy of the other party and their trust to abide by the terms, but nevertheless our response will be a true testimony to rather or not we have truly grown as a country and as to rather or not we have become more understandable.