College blues.

As you can imagine, applying to college is both exciting and frustrating. There are so many places out there, that I can see myself prospering and having a good time and as a result, I have ended up applying to about ten schools!

To be completely honest, ten schools is a lot and it is quite frustrating when application fees are up to about $60 for many of the schools.

Despite this, I have compiled a list of tools to help out others who are currently applying to college or are planning on applying in the future.

1. Do not wait until school begins to start applying! Start thinking about schools in the summer before senior year and check to see if schools offer any special visit programs.

2. After compiling a list of interested schools, make an excel sheet that lists all the deadlines and requirements for each school.

3. After making an excel sheet, start talking to your college counselor and informing her of all the deadlines! Also do not be afraid to just walk in and start a conversation especially since many schools require a counselor recommendation.

4. Do not wait until the deadline to finish essays. Try to finish your essays at least a week before they are do and try to send all your stuff early!

5. After you apply to schools begin looking at scholarships both within the school and outside of the school.

6. Don’t slack off senior year, but at the same time do not stress! Have a comfortable year and just sit back and wait until you receive your decisions. Whatever happens in the end, be happy 🙂


Just thinking about the future.

During my absence from this blog, my mind has literally been all over the place. From re-evaluating my interests in life, once again I’ve come right back to square one. As a junior, the word “College” has already been edged into our minds.

“This year matters the most.”

With the pressure to not mess things up in my life, I’ve been doing a lot of college research.
Initially, I began to look at schools that had a good film department because I believed that I wanted to be a director.

Film making is indeed a passion that I have, but after further contemplating, I realized that just getting a degree in film would not entirely fulfill the needs/wants in my life.

So, my conclusion after further research was to go back to something that I’ve ALWAYS been interested in. That would include: traveling, helping people, and experiencing different cultures.

So after further thinking, I believe I have reached that “Aha” moment.

My goal is to. . drumroll please.

Major in International Relations with a concentration on the Middle east and also minor in Arabic and possibly Spanish.

*The reason that I have chosen to minor in Spanish is as well is to continue learning the language that I have already begun learning since 5th grade.