the world doesn’t need saving,,

Sitting in a Model UN Conference in the International Environment Committee, I did a lot of reflecting.

Discussing topics such as the Kyoto Protocol Extensions, Sea Level Rise, Growing Population. I suddenly felt helpless — there is more than one answer. Or Perhaps, there really is not an answer.

Many people came up with resolutions and may resolutions were shot down. I ultimately realized the difficulty of solving the whole environmental issue. Not everyone will agree and not everyone truly sees the environment as its’ first priority.

And I thought, How do you solve a problem when many people don’t see it as a problem? How do you solve a problem when many people have so many misconceptions?

In the end, for all the topics, every group had a passing resolution. The last day of the committee was filled with many tired teenagers and lots of laughter. To pass by time, I decided to talk to the dias (head chair) who was a junior at the college we were at, majoring in environmental science.

My friend asked him questions about environmental science and how there were two paths you can take: environmental science and environmental studies.

Then my friend replied, “Which path do you recommend if I want to SAVE the world?”

and then it hit me…

Why does everyone want to save the world? In my opinion, the world does not need saving. Global Warming is happening. Climate Change is happening. We cannot fully elimate these things. But instead, we can hinder the process and slow it down.


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