Dangers of freedom?

America is known as the land of freedom where people are given the opportunity to have freedom of speech, religion, etc. Never have I thought that something seen as such an unquestionable right that people should have, could be such a problem.

As many of you know, the Innocence of Muslims video has been circulating around and causing numerous protests.

One discussion that we’ve been having in my government class, is why hasn’t Youtube removed this video and should they remove it? Although Youtube allows users to flag inappropriate videos, this video is still up online almost a week later.

I cannot help but wonder, can we exercise our freedoms too much? Are there any limits? To many, this video is a prime example of the freedoms that we have and should not be taken down due to the fact that he has the ability and freedom to say and post what he likes without getting into legal troubles.

Although legal precautions seem to be taken, they are mostly due to the fact that the director used fraud to get actors and violated his probation.

I still feel like something should be done with this video. It has caused so many problems already, but then again there are numerous stupid things on the internet.

What do you guys think? Should this video be taken down?


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