Where are we going?

Since I was a freshman in high school, I could not wait to be a senior. I wanted to in my mind, escape and see the real world. I wanted to go to college because I thought that it would be more fun than my high school. Now as a senior, I sit here and think, where did the time go? I feel almost sad/disappointed that I spent the majority of my time thinking about where I was going instead of living my life in the present. Everything in my mind was geared toward the future and geared toward living in another place. But now this year, I want to make the most out of my time and I’m starting to second guess myself. With college applications coming up, I realize that my adult life is  right around the corner. It’s scary to think that I’m going to have to be responsible for all my actions. Now I want nothing more than to follow up with my goals that I set this summer, such as, making my school and community more sustainable. I’m planning on meeting with a science teacher soon to express my goals and plans. I will keep you updated!

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