You don’t know me

I feel so obligated to make this post after recent events that have occurred. Let’s begin this story by telling you how I feel about education and my high school experience. In my opinion, I believe that at many schools, education has been geared toward test taking and finding out what to do in order to fake colleges into thinking that you belong at their school. In terms of academics, students (including me) take AP classes not necessarily because we WANT to, but because we feel obligated to. Don’t get me wrong. . .AP classes are totally fine, but I tend to not enjoy them as much as other classes because the classes are so geared to squishing so much amount of information into a small amount of time to the point where you do not really get to LEARN the information as well.

Now there are many people who do well with this amount of stress and cramming information, but I would say for me that I am more of a hands on person who learns best through experience and real-world training. . .Sadly. . .education does not seem to cater toward my learning styles.

By this point, you can probably guess that I did not do to well on my exams. By looking at my scores, one might consider me to be inadequate, dumb, etc. I don’t blame you. I felt the same way after seeing my scores. . .But I can assure you that I studied for my exams, prepared well in class, aced tests in class, and got good grades in the classes.

I am not sure what went wrong. Maybe it is because I mentally freak out before I take any exam like this? Despite these events, I do not want this score to define me and my abilities. Hopefully college will be different? Is there really hope for me? I hope so..


Side note: I have yet to discuss my scores with my parents. I managed to check the mail early and I safely stored away the horrendous scores.

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