Sustainable in the city?!

I am always thinking about the future and what I think my life would be like. The entire idea of the unknown is just so intriguing.

Since I’m a senior I have begun to think about colleges. My college list has change dramatically over the months along with the idea of what I want to major in. Despite all of this, I think I have an idea! I’m leaning toward either environmental science, sustainable agriculture, and/or ecology (maybe even a mixture of them all).

Colleges I’m interested in include: Oberlin College, Eckerd, Green Mountain College, Bennington College, UGA, SUNY-ESF, College of the Atlantic, Warren Wilson College

I’ve even begun to look up ideas for urban gardens! I currently live an apartment with limited space so hydroponics, aquaponics, and window gardens interest me. I’m tempted to try to start building my own hydroponics system but I have no idea where to start. There are lots of links on the web and videos for these things.

If I do actually start to build my own hydroponics system, I will make sure to include pictures and summaries.

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