I’m going to work on a farm?

It is all a little scary that we do not know where our food comes from? Obviously, it is important that we stay informed about the important matters of our life, but it is all too easy to get consumed in other things. It is so easy to turn our cheek, cover our eyes, and clog our ears. I recently watched the documentary Food inc. and let me tell you, I LEARNED ALOT! I’ve always said that I have wanted my own farm. So..I’ve decided that I should actually do it! It may not be this summer, considering that this summer is almost over and I am going on an important trip July 28th, but next summer I plan to work/intern on an actual farm đŸ™‚ You should hold me accountable, just in case this does not happen.

One thought on “I’m going to work on a farm?

  1. I love this plan. I’ve thought about doing the same thing, but not many of them want a middle aged woman who won’t be available 16 hours a day. I’ll keep looking, but I look forward to hearing about your experience! Good luck to you and may all your meals be homegrown!

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