Waking up today proved to be kind of tough. Yesterday we went on a 10
mile kayaking and canoeing trip (need I mention that this was my first
time canoeing) and now my hands are extremely sore. Despite the fact
that my partner and I came in last place out of all the canoes and
kayaks, I felt like a celebrity as I was greeted with all the applause
and smiling faces once I made it to my destination. You may be
wondering, how are you not embarrassed? Normally I would be, but I
think you come to learn a lot from being at sc3. You learn that
sometimes you come in last place and that it’s ok. The important thing
is that you get back up, smile, and learn not only from others but
from your failures. Although too many, this is just a simple canoeing
trip, to me it was a life lesson and it also encourages me to go to my
school and try new techniques in order to try and reach people who
don’t understand how to take care of this beautiful earth. I guess the
point of this blog post is to encourage you to try and do things that
you may not be so good at. Talk to people that you normally don’t talk
to. Question things that you normally consider to be true. It is only
when you get out of your comfort zone and your bubble of protection
that you truly can grow.

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