Counsel of Argentina.

I am beyond excited that my school is becoming more globally focused. Because we have Argentinean students currently at my school, the Counsel of Argentina came today to speak and ask questions. It was a very intriguing discussions. We talked about cultural differences, the day in the life of a diplomat, and many other things. It turns out that the Argentineans have more in common with Americans than I thought. Of course there are a few differences, one of them being the way they great each other, which is by kissing on the cheeks, but in general there are way more similarities. The life of a diplomat seems very fun too! Who wouldn’t love traveling around the world, learning new languages, and being a positive example of your country. He talked about some of the negatives of being a diplomat which is the family and marriage aspect. Apparently, when he became a diplomat, his wife had to quit her job. I guess it makes sense. It would be very cool to become diplomat. Too bad I’m not that good at speaking, but who knows what the future has in store.

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