I volunteered for a saturday school organization yesterday. The little kids, most of whom are hispanic, were so adorable and loving. In my class comprised of 3rd graders, we talked about Martin Luther King and how he had a dream. After reading a book about him we then went around and asked the kids what were their dreams.

“I wish teenagers didn’t drink because they could get in a car and die.”
“I wish people didn’t smoke because it makes their lungs bad.”
“I wish people didn’t sell drugs because they could hurt people.”

These were just some of the responses, but the one that stuck with me the most was:
“I wish there was no illegal immigration because some people just want to be with their families and it’s just not fair.”

I have never heard a little kid say something so powerful and it really stuck with me.

After watching this video about Immigrants for sale, everything about this just breaks my heart. . .

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