This current post is inevitable, something that needed to be written about on this blog. Surely by now, you’ve heard of SOPA and PIPA.

Interestingly enough this bill was announced back in October, but is now receiving more recognition as the time is coming close to when the bill could potentially be passed.

SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) is a bill that is aiming at putting an end to copyright infringements. By doing so, the bill could potentially restrict access to some of our favorite websites such as Youtube, Wikipedia, etc that host pirated content.

Although this may sound good to some, to others it is scene as censorship and goes against the freedoms that we are supposed to be granted.

The issues of pirated content has been a battle for many years. Take Youtube for instance; When uploading a video and you include a song by your favorite artist, many times your content can get flagged and your video deleted for using that song without permission. Despite Youtube’s initiative at removing pirated content, it is not a 100% effective. The same case goes for many other websites, so the government instead decided that instead of leaving the responsibility to the individual websites, it would restrict the access to that website in general.

In my opinion, this bill could go either way and it definitely has both positives and negatives. For instance, movie and music industries are experiencing decreases in sales due to the fact that many websites are pirating their material. Could they potentially make more money as a result? But at the same time, couldn’t this also cause a decrease in sales to many of our favorite websites we use. If these acts go into place websites would be censored, lose views, and lose money from ads therefore possibly disappearing. I’m not sure if I’m taking that a little too far, but that’s my opinion.

If you would like to protest, visit this link:

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