Ron Paul Commercial

What do you guys think?


This video is very interesting. In a sense, it is something very powerful. As an American we can only hope and wish that our military/ our government is operating in the best interests of the people. Personally, I have been opposed of the war from the beginning, but I know this may not be the same for many others. After thinking, I always wonder, what have been the benefits of going out into foreign country and imposing our own views? Yesterday, I watched a short documentary on Kurdistan, a geographical region in northern Iraq, Syria, and Turkey. In the documentary, Anthony Bourdain stated how the Kurds have been very happy about American presence in Iraq and what they’ve done. While in Iraq, He displayed Kurdistan in a very positive way and how as Americans they were very safe. From having friends from Kurdistan, they are all very polite, lovely, and caring. But do they all believe that Americans have done positive things in their country? Hopefully I can ask them a few questions and receive their input. Until then, Thanks for reading.

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