Just thinking about the future.

During my absence from this blog, my mind has literally been all over the place. From re-evaluating my interests in life, once again I’ve come right back to square one. As a junior, the word “College” has already been edged into our minds.

“This year matters the most.”

With the pressure to not mess things up in my life, I’ve been doing a lot of college research.
Initially, I began to look at schools that had a good film department because I believed that I wanted to be a director.

Film making is indeed a passion that I have, but after further contemplating, I realized that just getting a degree in film would not entirely fulfill the needs/wants in my life.

So, my conclusion after further research was to go back to something that I’ve ALWAYS been interested in. That would include: traveling, helping people, and experiencing different cultures.

So after further thinking, I believe I have reached that “Aha” moment.

My goal is to. . drumroll please.

Major in International Relations with a concentration on the Middle east and also minor in Arabic and possibly Spanish.

*The reason that I have chosen to minor in Spanish is as well is to continue learning the language that I have already begun learning since 5th grade.

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