Sorry for the extremely late post, but better late than never right? I’ve come to express how Happy I am for Egypt! The people have persevered and got what they wanted. It’s truly amazing to see history happening literally right before my eyes. I must admit that I was nervous about how all this conflict was going to unfold, and I’m especially surprised at Mubarak. His speech for when he was stepping down in power was actually one that was filled with conflict. He made sure to talk about how he is proud of the people who are changing the future, how martyrs won’t go in vein, how the people who committed crimes during these rebellions will be punished for the wrong they did, etc. What I especially like was the fact that he recognized that he did wrong and that there was fault, and he plans to make it a goal to get the people what they want. Those 18 days of protest proved to be beneficial, and now because of all that has happened in Egypt it is influencing nearby countries such as Algeria, Jordan, Syria, etc. It seems as though the rebellions in Egypt have broken people’s fear and they to witness that they can actually make a difference. Honestly, it’s quite inspirational and it shows how strong and resilient people can be. It shows that people really do care about what is going on in their life and they recognize that they can take control of that! After watching Mubarak’s speech I watched Obama’s speech. Here is a quote that really struck me:

“we need not be defined by our differences, we can be defined by the common humanity that we share.”

Another thing that I really wanted to touch on was TRANSLATION. It seemed as though wherever you went to listen to Mubarak’s speech, the translations were so different. It’s amazing how one person’s interpretation can greatly affect how one thinks about a situation. I will admit when I first listened to his speech, it seemed very sugar coated and unreliable due to the translations. Well Just in case, you haven’t listened to the speech, I will post it below 🙂

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