Pray for egypt

Egypt has been in the news for quite some time. Protests after Protests after Protests, It’s been about three weeks already. I can’t help, but Imagine what is to be done and will there really be a time of settlement and peace. I do hope so! President Hosni Mubarak has been ruling since 1981, for a very long time and it seems as though these people have had enough. I imagine what it would be like if people of the United States started to protest our government for three weeks. Do you know how chaotic and how much turmoil would be? I wonder what would be done differently, if that was here. Because of these protests, the economy is getting worse, more people are dying, and this crisis is costing Egypt more than $300 million a day! With an economy already in trouble, what is going to be the long term effect of this? So far it’s not sounding to well.

What is interesting is the fact that the Internet with websites such as facebook and twitter played a major role in protest.

Egypt is such a beautiful place and hopefully the people will get what they want and there will be change. It does not seem as though the people plan on giving up any time soon, which is great. People should fight for their rights and this is a good cause. But after all this fighting, we would not want Egypt to be less stable than it was initially.

تبقى مصر القوية

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