Maturing into my own beliefs

Sorry for the lack of posting, but with school and many other commitments time has been pretty sure. I have decided to do something rather different and write on some of the views I have, the changes I have begun to make, and my mother’s reaction to my views.

As an individual, I have decided to commit myself to be Politically educated now before I turn the age where I am allowed to vote. Politics are now becoming a big part of my life and because of this, naturally I have begun to develop my own views and opinions as to where I lean.

I grew up in a single family house hold with my mother. My mother is a woman who is extremely religious, I guess you can say she is a devoted follower of Christ and I too would like to believe that that is what I am. Despite the fact that we are under this same umbrella of religion there are major, contrasting differences and opinions when it comes to politics and belief. For example, I believe that when in the midst of a diverse community with people who may share different views, beliefs, and morals than me, that it is extremely important to stay open minded to what they believe. I asked my mother about her belief on what to do when encountering a community such as this, and to my surprise her opinion on this subject was different. My mother beliefs that being open minded is potentially dangerous and will cause followers of religion to be in a position where we would not want to be. he says as a follower of Christ there are certain things that you should not/ can not compromise or be open minded about. An example of this for instance would be in terms of abortions, gay marriage, and many of the issues that we as people are facing today.

As a teenager this is tough to deal with. Part of me wants to believe what is told to me, but I can not help to notice my disagreements when it comes to this matter. This political journey has been tough, but it has allowed me to learn a lot about me and a lot about what my mother believes.

Yesterday I stumbled across a site called Political compass which basically allows you to take a quiz where you put either: Strongly Disagree, Disagree, Strongly Agree, and Agree. After 6 pages of answering questions it gives you you’re political standing. I’m not sure how accurate this political compass is, shows whether you are right or left when it pertains to social decisions and rather you are right or left on economic issues. For me at the end of my quiz it stated that my views matched that of a Left-Libertarian. At first I did not really know much about Left-Libertarianism, but after further research I can state that many of the beliefs match with some of mine. This includes that there should be social justice and that the government should address economic and social issues such as unemployment, health, care, and education.

I totally agree with that belief, but for the most part I think that I will just state that I am a Democrat. That is all I wanted to write, but for those who have not seen the state of union, I strongly strongly strongly encourage that you watch it here:

Thanks so much for your time 🙂

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