World Aids Day

December 1st, was World Aids Day and on that day I decided to have people in my grade sign a petition that would be sent to the government telling them to alot a vaccine where children won’t have to be born with HIV. Here is a brief description and student’s response:

Since it was world aids day, I decided that it would be interesting to educate my fellow classmates on the impact of aids and HIV and also on how we can make a difference. For each person before signing the petition, I informed them of how there have been advancements where now children won’t have to be born with HIV. I also explained, the importance of that and how it’s an urgency that we get these new vaccines available worldwide so that no child will be born with HIV. The responses were mixed. Many people didn’t understand why I was going around with this petition and someone even told me that “Kids can’t make a difference.” Also some people that signed the petition, still didn’t seem to really cool. Despite that, there were still some people who really wanted to sign it and seemed to really care. I wish I could’ve gotten more signatures, but my grade is really small and everyone seemed to disappear during lunch and after school. All in all, I was able to get around 20 signatures and informed many others of the impact of AIDS and HIV. Although this event wasn’t as successful as I wanted to be, I believe I still was able to make a difference.

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