The Girl Effect

” Its no big deal. Just the future of humanity.”

The girl effect is a movement which strives to empower women and invest in their future in hopes of alleviating poverty in the developing world. As of now, 2/3 of the 70 million out of school children in the world are girls!! So you may be wondering, OK so why girls?!

Well, it turns out that an educated girl is most likely to earn a greater income, raise smaller healthier families, participate politically, send her children to school, and also an educated girl has less of a potential to contract HIV/AIDS.

That’s a big deal! Imagine if we were able to empower and get all 2/3 of the girls out of school educated. That would mean in the developing world we would become closer to practically all of our eight millennium development goals.

If you would like to have a closer look at the fact sheet you can by clicking HERE.

To visit the girl effect website click HERE

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