Children Inspiring Hope

Not to long ago at my school we had a guest visitor who came and talked about this program called Children Inspiring Hope

It’s a program whose goal is to connect children around the world global in order to make a difference in the world.

I thought this was quite interesting, because you never really here anyone say let’s connect CHILDREN! The idea of connecting children globally it’s quite amazing. Children, no matter where they are from or what language they speak, share many things in common. They all love to play, have fun, and be happy! To be able to share that joy from one kid in order to make another kid else where happier creates changes and just makes their life better.

Children Inspiring Hope creates this world wide change by connecting kids around the world through arts and education, so that there shall be harmony and peace around the world. The fact of it is, is that children in many countries experience violence daily. Many children experience hunger, total poverty, and abuse. Think about it. . .One card that says “I love you!” or “Let’s be Friends” can really brighten up someones day who has to experience these hardships on a daily basis.

I encourage anyone who loves little kids and supports the goal of creating a more peaceful and harmonious world to check out Children Inspiring Hope and check out the story by clicking HERE.

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